Carlito DALCEGGIO’s testimonial

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I felt the call, pure, strong, like a scream of rebellion…
I received a message, someday from this woman, Samia, sharing with me that my brushes will be magical for the children of the favela. I felt the call, pure, strong, like a scream of rebellion to bring a new level of consciousness.
Two months later, I was there in the up gardens of Santa Teresa, drinking a glass of wine with her, the evening before the dive into the favela. And she told me her story, in words, in emotions in images. So much power I felt, so much courage, so much devotion, so much craziness from a woman alone to accept and achieve this giant mission, above all danger and desire of comfort, with a graceful and humble passion.
And we went to the favela. I met all these glorious children, with nothing but the smile and the power of the universe inside them. They smile, whatever happen. They cross the river of chaos in beauty, and I saw the love they have for Samia, and the happiness that she brings to them, week after week.
It’s impossible to hide from yourself in the favela. It brings clarity, awareness.
Yes, art can change the world, yes, every little action is a wave. We painted all day, with all her children, some very old, some in a wheel chair, some very new, all in joy, letting it go, giving them all control, let them explore. We painted a giant 100 meters mural, in the middle of the favela. In a few days, we gave them a channel, a direction to their passion, some love, some trust, we made them feel part of the whole thing. We gave them the wind to fly their sails, we gave them seven minutes of freedom, and they gave us the whole universe.
I understand samia when she says she is very high when she gets out of the favela. I felt the same, a rush of adrenaline, of tension, of love, of emergency to transform the world, to take direct action, beauty and the pure ecstatic energy that those children spread in the sky, it’s explosive.
I felt like painting on every wall of every city in giant letters:

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