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Samia has worked at the Oasis Project for people with severe and enduring mental health problems as a group facilitator and individual coach.
She has effectively combined her creative photography, innovative thinking, enthusiasm and teaching skills with her excellent interpersonal skills to enable service users develop new community interests, values and positive personal goals.Service users have consistently fed back that Samia has been a source of inspiration and encouragement to them and her natural enthusiasm has helped raise their hopes and confidence. Although English is not Samia’s first language, she works hard to continuously expand her vocabulary and her advanced interpersonal warmth and skill more than compensates and her passion for life is very catching! Samia has been a very flexible and thoughtful team player, and has demonstrated an ability to adapt to several changes to her role requirements with a positive perspective. She is well liked and valued by colleagues. As project lead, I have observed Samia’s essential contribution to the development of a more positive culture within the project and has assisted us all to have more positive expectations of what service users are able to achieve, when given ample encouragement and constructive feedback – which Samia does very naturally. In supervision sessions, Samia has been able to reflect on her own performance, her strengths and her developmental needs accurately and she has been very open to suggestions from others about ways to build on her capabilities.
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