Fleur CHETWYND’s testimonial

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I am in awe at the potential one persons love can inspire amongst the squaller of a decaying sea of lack and loss. Here we are stripped down to simplicity, with love to rebuild from the rubble We are reminded that love is the seed that will fruit into possibilities of happiness, it is love that breaks the boundaries and quenches the thirst of the dry wells of hope. There is nothing else to do but love.. trust and love with all your beating heart so it can inspire change. Samia you are that love and trust which has been forgotten and lost amongst the chaos. Thankyou for inviting my heart to beat with yours in such new ways. If only for dying moments – at least the children can know that love can be safe and constant and learn to give it themselves in such ways..from this change is born through the generations. You are beautiful and so is your work… Thank you for sharing it with me.

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