• Posted on: June 11, 2012
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  • Author: Samia

My time in the Favela by María Reneé Morales

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“Going to the favela Dos Pinhieros was one of the best experience of my life. I have been already in different favelas but none of them was like this one.  You really can feel the love in the air when Samia arrives, the kids and the people need so much love that Amour da Terra can give to them. I felt at home going their, you really enter in their lives and know about the problems they have and you understand they are just normal people with the same problems as all the world.You are not just a gringo “a stranger” going to help them, You are just the same as them going in to their shoes and sharing love with them.
They are the same as you and me,  Amour da Terra knows that”. By Maria Renée Morales”
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