We enrich the lives of the communities we have encountered in Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro by guiding them to improve their abilities. Amour Da Terra is a co-operation of creative people and healers.

Amour (love), is our philosophy:

  • Acceptance 
  • Mastery 
  • Oneness 
  • Upliftment
  • Repeat


When we consider our purpose, we think about social justice and environmental sustainability. Children are precious resources and the only real value to mankind. We ask every child that we encounter to accept the answers to the big questions of their lives. We ask them to accept who they are, what they have experienced, where they come from, why they are here and what their purpose is. Being able to do this means, they can start to love themselves. We all know that we cannot give what we do not have and if they have love then they have eternal wealth. The mastery of this takes trust and determination. We encourage the youth we work with that they can do whatever their hearts desire is. We are the doorway for their dreams. Whatever they learn from us, they will carry with them on this journey to mastering their drives. With this, we see that a sense of Oneness unifies their hearts to all others. These children become seeds of love and they grow. They see that everything is connected and that nothing on earth grows without love. They are uplifted and they uplift each other, they uplift us. This philosophy that we share is like a good playlist, it goes on repeat because the loving kindness never stops.


We work with children from 8 months to 18 years of age. We love to include parents, we are not ageist. Having this enmeshment of generations brings about so many enriching stories and so much wisdom. With the abundance of encouragement we bring peace the family system of every country.

Happy Things

Community Libraries

We love to create small community libraries around the world. It could be in a building or a small community-built shed. We love to spread around books! Children who are read to and who read learn how to emphathize with others’ emotions.

Learning Languages

We love culture and we encourage children to see the world beyond their front door! In the process we get to see more of the world ourselves.

Gardening and Permaculture

Connecting with nature. This is one of the single most important things that children in developing countries are blessed to experience differently from privileged children. We love to get outside with them and see the world through their eyes while also teaching them how to cultivate the land. This is also done in big cities where the children who are nature deprived also get to expand their senses.

Therapeutic Arts

Art is the expression of the soul. These people have stories that will be shared. Nothing is a better medicine than to let troubles go and turn them into something beautiful.

Unlimited Dance

Everyone needs to let loose at least once a day. The body holds so much memory in our muscles. Many people have traumas and fears stored in the memory of their cells. This ecstatic dance allows everyone a safe dance floor free of judgement. This is where they let go of the past through movement.


In the past we have had people teach workshops on storytelling, writing, painting, authenticity and more…

  • ➝ Credits

    Amour da Terra project is endorsed and helped by beautiful and gentle people.